Tom and Metwiy

Our success stories so far . . .

Maasailand Health Project has a first targeted recipient of donor money — Metwiy Sabor.

Metwiy is the english teacher in his village, Oldupai Boma. He contacted us, letting us know about the malaria in his village. It is his dream to become a medical professional to help alleviate the malaria in his village, but he has run into many cultural barriers to getting a Maasai villager into formal education at the colleges.

These are forgotten people. Forgotten by their government, our government and the large international non-profits set up to eliminate malaria. We made no progress in contacts with the U.S. Embassy in Tanzania, USAID, and the Tanzania Ministry of Health and Welfare, The Presidents Malaria Initiative to name a few, so we set up our own organization to help.

  • November 18, 2009 we successfully incorporated as a Non-Profit in the State of Washington.

  • November 24, 2009 we established a relationship with a Tanzanian NGO, Terrawatu.

  • December 20, 2009 Insecticide Treated Nets, blood test kits, and medication for the treatment of malaria was delivered to Oldupai Boma.

  • December 20-22, 2009 Dr. Isack performed an assessment of the villages general health, tested and treated for malaria and other minor illnesses. In addition, Metwiy received primary training as a village health care worker.

  • Our next goal: To raise $10,000 U.S. dollars so we can provide the Nets, test kits, medication and training to the remaining 5 villages of the Olduvai region.

Currently: We are accepting cash donations and Paypal donations.

Coffee Fund Raising Event: Denise Brennan, owner of Princess Valiant Coffees, and Maasailand Health Project Board member, has started selling Tanzani Kahowa Peaberry coffee for our cause and it is delicious! Please check out her website at and order your coffee today!

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PHOTOS — Top of page: Tom Curry with Metwiy Sabor. Clockwise from above: On December 20, 2009 Maasailand Health Project, in partnership with Terawatu, delivered 100 Insecticide Treated Nets, blood test kits, and medication to treat malaria to Oldupai Boma, Metwiy's Village; doctor treating children; thank-you note from Maasai children.


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